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There is much power,
In saying something with I wish,
And in saying that,
I wonder,
If it would ever come true.

I'd wish for many things then,
All of them simple and probably not unique.
But then the darker wishes come,
They make me seem so selfish.

I can't tell you what they are,
So very private my wishes true,
But simply know this:
It would change a lot of people's point of view.

I won't wish it on money,
Or even a house,
Or even something perfect.
I'd wish only for me,
And that'd be enough.

I wouldn't care if you're exotic,
Or if you'd want fame and fortune,
None of that matters to me,
Because I was raised differently.

I will tell you then,
Since it's so much different,
These wishes so normal,
That I know won't come true:

A husband or wife,
Who tries their hardest,
So they can meet the bills.
They aren't perfect,
They aren't special,
But they're simple in and of themselves.

A few children,
Maybe three or four at least,
I don't mind if they make a mess,
Or even misbehave.
I want them to be happy,
To be healthy,
And grow up strong.
I want them to look forward in life,
And say while pointing at me proudly,
"That's my mom."

I want to be working,
And helping my spouse,
While taking care of the kids,
And doing the housework,
And balancing the check book,
And-where did that charge come in?!-live day to day.

I would want a few pets,
A couple cats,
Maybe a dog,
But overall,
I want a roof over our heads,
From either an apartment or a house.

I know it seems simple,
And many people would scoff,
But that's something I want to be honest,
And it's something I would wish for.

A life so normal,
So ordinary and plain,
But it'd be much more interesting,
Than sitting here,
Wondering what it'll be like when I'm older.

My life right now,
Is as normal as can be,
I'm healthy,
Not disabled,
But it almost seems strange that I won't reach out for something,
That would make my life so colorful.

You see,
I'm a simple person,
Who likes simple things,
I like simple jewelry,
Especially simple rings,
And if in life I had to choose,
Between fame, fortune, or common,
I'd pick the one that means most to me,
You can keep your lemon.
IRideAMagicalLadle Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
O_O oh dear god.......its almost like you just reached inside of my head, saw all my dreams and desires, then wrote them down.
DreamerSayuri Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:iconbowplz: :iconthanksplz:
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December 4, 2012
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